Making an Exterior Improvement to Your Home or Property?

Do you want to make an improvement to your home’s exterior or lot? This is also called requesting an architectural change to your home or property. You must receive approval from your community’s association prior to exterior work beginning.

Please login to your resident portal account to access the application. If you need to register an email address with your association for portal access, please contact the Artemis Customer Experience Team at 407-705-2190 or

Please complete the required fields in the online application, and submit the requested documents, like lot surveys, pictures or construction drawings.

Click Find Community button below, search for your community and sign in to your portal.

Your application will be reviewed, and you will be contacted if more information is needed to evaluate your request. You will receive notification from your association if your application is approved or denied. Most communities allow for 30-45 days to review a request. Please do not begin work until you receive project approval.

Please note that each improvement you request must be submitted on a separate application.

Please click on the Helpful FAQ button below for answers to commonly asked questions about architectural changes.