Community Websites vs. Residential Portal: Artemis Lifestyles Online Tools

Looking online for specialized information about your community? If your HOA has opted to have a community website accessible through, you’re in luck! Check the Communities page of our web site, locate your neighborhood’s name in the dropdown menu “Select Your Community,” and you’ll be taken to your HOA’s customized page.

These community websites highlight specific information for residents, including board of director contact information, calendar of events, neighborhood news and photos of the community.

If your community isn’t included in the dropdown, your HOA doesn’t have a community website on our page. Check with your HOA board about adding one.

Our Resident Portal is available to all homeowners in communities managed by Artemis Lifestyles. This online tool is accessible on our site via the Resident Portal page. Through the portal, homeowners can view their community’s documents (including rules and regulations), check their account balance, and sign up to receive important information that is periodically emailed to all homeowners. Want to sign up for the Resident Portal? Watch our video tutorial for step-by-step instructions on registering!

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