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Accounting & Billing

Why is the online payment fee so large?

Artemis Lifestyles uses Allaince bank online to process all credit card payments online. Please note all online payments except autopay and e-check through Allaince Bank will charge a fee for processing your payment online. The fee is charged by Alliance Bank and not by Artemis Lifestyles.

Why did we receive coupons if I just closed on my house, and it was paid for through the year?

The system automatically generated a coupon for every homeowner regardless of their balance. This is your notice that your account will be charged for the amount of the assessments on the date printed on the coupons.

Who do I make my check payable to?

Please make all checks payable to your Association and not to Artemis Lifestyles.

My HOA dues are included on the escrow account with my mortgage payments?

No, usually your escrow account includes the taxes and insurance. The payments for the Homeowner Association are separate. Please check with your mortgage company to verify this.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card or check online through Alliance Bank Online. Click on our payment link to pay online.

Can I pay my dues in advance?

Sure, you can pay your dues in advance. Your payments will be on the prepaid balance and they will be reduced every time the assessments are charged.

Are HOA payments accepted onsite?

No, all HOA payments must be submitted online, mailed into Artemis’ corporate office or paid in person at Artemis’ corporate office.

Architectural Review (ARB/ARC) Questions

Are Water Softeners Allowed?

Water softeners are only allowed on single family homes. The water softener must be placed out of view, either covered by a large bush, or a solid PVC white fence; there must be a three feet perimeter around the machine with decorative rocks so it doesn’t kill the surrounding grass. Townhomes are not permitted to have water softeners.

If I live in Kindred HOA and I have a question regarding an architectural request, whom do I contact?

For all of your architectural requests, please contact your on-site community manager directly by emailing:


Can I install a satellite dish?

Yes, if you submit an architectural request. All satellites must be placed on a pole directly in the back of the home. Satellites may not be placed in a direct line of sight.

General Community Questions


How do I rent out the clubhouse or pavilions? What are the prices?

Clubhouse rental fee is $350.00 for 4 hours, $450 for 8 hours, for holiday rental prices, please contact your on-site manager.  It must be paid in a form of a money order. We also require a security deposit of $350.00; this will be refunded to you once confirmed that the area was left clean of debris and no damages occurred. To rent a pavilion it is a $250 fee, with a $300.00 deposit. Same rules apply. Please contact your onsite manager for the application and availability dates.

How do I purchase additional remotes, cards, fobs and keys?

Please visit your on-site community manager during normal business hours. Lost/Replacement cards are $30.00 and additional cards are $10.00. Please call 407-349-3210 with further questions.