Employees Celebrate Their Benefits

Here at Artemis Lifestyles, we strive to cultivate a uniquely caring environment– one that emphasizes the happiness and well-being of our team. As a token of our eternal gratitude to our wonderful staff, we offer vacation reimbursements up to $500 a year!

A couple of our incredible employees have already taken Artemis on their vacations! Here are their stories.


Sarah Sameti

Sarah visited Dallas, Texas at the beginning of January to see her family. While there, she went to the Dallas World Aquarium.

The Aquarium stands four stories tall and fosters conversation and education by housing many threatened and endangered species. During Sarah’s time, she had the opportunity to enjoy a quaint, authentic Mexican restaurant (Mexican being one of her favorite cuisines).

“It was an amazing four days, and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to do it and receive $500 from my company to use towards my vacation, ” Sameti says.



Trevor Brown

Trevor and his wife traveled to Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas as a postponed honeymoon. While there, Trevor and his wife experienced an excursion where they went into Single Underwater Bubblers (SUB) driving a cycle-like machine 20 feet underwater in the Atlantic Ocean, exploring the reef and marine life. The pair were also able to swim with dolphins at their resort. “The $500 reimbursement for expenses that Artemis provided to me following my trip really helped me and my family have a wonderful vacation” Brown says.

Artemis is so excited that we were able to make Sarah and Trevor’s time away from the office even better! We look forward to seeing more of our team bring us on their vacation – whether it’s a night stay at a hotel, a baseball game or even your favorite bottle of wine.

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