Estoppel Certificates, Lender Questionnaires & Documents

With an Estoppel, we provide you with vital financial information regarding your community and your home—past due balances, fees due, and upcoming assessment fees.

Need an estoppel?

Home resale: For homes that are being resold, a title company is required to initiate the estoppel order through (see below).

Newly constructed home: For homes that are brand-new construction, please send the request to The request must include the following information:

  • Property Address
  • Lot Number/Legal Line
  • Seller Name(s)
  • Buyer Name(s)
  • Anticipated Closing Date

Per FL Statutes 718.116, 719.108, and 720.30851, the Association has up to 10 Business Days to answer an Estoppel Request after receiving the request and payment for service is made. However, a 72 hour (3 day) rush may be added for a fee of up to $100.00.

Know your current financial status and address any outstanding property fees today.



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