Experiencing Different Cultures…Serving Diverse Communities

We know that if our team is valued and has the resources they need—both inside and outside of the office—they’ll be able to do an extraordinary job caring for our homeowners and our communities.

That’s why we started offering unlimited PTO combined with the money to enjoy a vacation away from home. Yes, we’ll reimburse our team member’s vacation expenses, up to $500 annually!

After a few months of these innovative perks, our team is excited about the extraordinary benefits we offer. Here are a few of their stories:

Heading South

It’s a long way from Florida to Colombia, but when one of our onsite community association managers wanted to head to the Southern Hemisphere, Artemis was happy to help pay for some of his travel expenses. Why? Because we think a team that experiences different cultures will better serve our diverse communities.

Stephen visited a childhood friend who lives in Cali, which is known as the salsa-dancing capital of the world. Stephen noticed a key difference from life in the U.S.: “Traffic lights are merely a recommendation after midnight!” And he visited the Cali Zoo, where he jokes that “many exotic animals were happy to see me.”

Setting Sail

“Thanks to Artemis’s amazing program, I was able to take a short cruise vacation to the Bahamas with my wife,” says Yan, one of our IT systems analysts.  ”We had a lot of fun on the ship, and I was able to visit multiple islands in the Bahamas and do a lot of activities with my wife. Thanks, Artemis, for this amazing chance!”

Exploring Your Roots

Tatiana, who helps manage some of our client communities, traveled to Puerto Rico to explore her family’s history.

“My trip to Puerto Rico was a prayer answered,” she says. “I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New Jersey, so this trip means a lot to me as it marks a special time in my life. This was actually my first vacation alone and my first-time visiting Puerto Rico, and this was an amazing, life-changing experience.”

New cultures. Relaxing vacations. Extraordinary experiences. That’s what it’s all about!