Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Changes and Architectural Requests

How do I submit the application?

Please login to your resident portal account to access the application. If you need to register an email address with your association for portal access, please contact the Artemis Customer Experience Team at 407-705-2190 or

Please complete the required fields in the online application, and submit the requested documents, like lot surveys, pictures or construction drawings. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you live in a community that requires a specific PDF form be submitted rather than our online form, please email the completed form and requested documents as a PDF file to Please note that each improvement you request must be submitted on a separate application.


What am I required to submit along with my application?

Every community has its own unique guidelines and review processes. Listed below is the information typically requested for each project type. If your community requires additional documentation, we will contact you.

Paint Color Change
  • Color information and color swatches with information regarding color placement (body, trim, accents, etc.).
Perimeter Fence
  • Lot survey showing location of proposed fence. Information regarding dimensions, style, material, color, and picture of proposed fence. Include location of gates and distance from property boundaries, if any.
Screen Enclosure
  • Lot survey showing location of enclosure. Formal scale construction drawings of proposed enclosure. Information regarding dimensions, color, material and installer.
Swimming Pool
  • Lot survey showing location of pool and deck. Formal scale construction drawings including any vertical features like slides or decorative additions.
Solar Panels
  • Lot survey showing location of panels. Information or pictures regarding color, material, dimensions, exterior piping or conduits and related concealment of the same, manufacturer and installer.
  • Lot survey showing scaled location of proposed driveway or walkway surfaces. Information regarding color and any surface treatment of proposed concrete.
  • Lot survey or construction drawing showing proposed additions or changes, plant palette including size and grade of material on day of planting, and installer.
Play Structure
  • Lot survey showing location of proposed structure. Information regarding dimensions, color, material, location of existing fences or other elements that may screen structure from view, and pictures or catalog cuts of structure desired.
Roof Replacement
  • Information showing style and color of proposed material. Picture of roof material, manufacturer and installer information.
Home Addition
  • Lot survey showing location of proposed addition. Formal scale construction drawings of proposed addition including information regarding dimensions, colors, materials, windows and doors, roofing, landscaping and contractor.

When will I hear back about my request?

Your community’s documents may set a specific timeframe for reviewing architectural change requests. Most communities allow for 30-45 days to review a request. Please do not begin work until you receive project approval.

What if my request is denied?

Technically, a denial means that you cannot undertake the proposed modification. In the worst cases, it means that any work already completed before submitting the application will unfortunately have to be returned to its original condition. However, in some cases the rejection is related merely to incomplete applications, technical problems with the application or its attachments, or may require additional information. Please check the notice closely for any important notes.

What if my request is approved but with conditions?

In these cases, the association’s review committee found it fit to approve the request but with certain and specific conditions. Please take note of these conditions before beginning work on any modification. They are required elements of the approval and failure to adhere to those conditions may be cause to revoke the approval entirely.

Do I need to submit county or city permits?

Some communities require that the applicant submit copies of required permitting or approval from governmental authorities. However, while you are free to attach these copies, most are not required. Failure to secure the necessary permits or authorization from the local or state authorities subjects the applicant to serious penalties, including the removal of the non-permitted improvement. If a copy of a permit is required as a condition of approval by your community, we will notify you.