Holiday Decorations and Your HOA 

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but if your holiday decorations result in you receiving a violation letter from your homeowner’s association, you’ll feel like the Grinch just stole your Christmas!

When you choose to live in a deed-restricted community, you agree to follow the rules and regulations detailed in the community’s governing documents. This includes your community’s rules about holiday exterior decorations, which were created with the community’s safety and aesthetics in mind.

Knowing and following the answers to these questions will make sure you avoid any decoration-related issues with your association:

  • How many days before a holiday are you allowed to display exterior decorations?
  • Are any decorations banned, like giant inflatables, flashing/blinking lights or snow machines?
  • Are you restricted on either the number or size of decorations?
  • What about sound effects? You might love “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” or “The Hanukkah Song” playing on an endless loop for all to hear, but your association might have other thoughts.
  • What hours are your lights and any noise-making displays allowed to be on?
  • How many days after a holiday do your exterior decorations need to be taken down?

Every association differs on how frequently and how strictly the community is inspected for violations. Some communities might be relaxed about violations on holiday decor, while others might strictly enforce their rules on exterior decorations.

It’s your responsibility to follow the regulations, so check your community documents for guidelines governing holiday decorations. If you have a question about what’s allowed, ask your community manager for clarification.

By following the rules for your community, you’ll ensure you stay on Santa’s “nice” list this Christmas…and not end up on your association’s “naughty” list!

P.S. These guidelines work for every holiday during the year—not just for holidays in December!