Top 5 Qualities to Look for in a Community Management Company

Whether an HOA board is hiring a community-management company for the first time or is in the process of changing management companies, it all comes down to trust. Working with a trusted team builds long-term community relationships, protects homeowner investment, and improves the community’s quality of life.

Community-management companies like Artemis Lifestyle Services help both new and experienced HOA boards effectively maintain the community according to what’s required by state law and the community’s own governing documents (commonly known as CC&R’s or Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions).

What should you look for in a community-management company?

  1. Strong emphasis on professional, courteous customer service
  2. Knowledgeable, responsive managers who know the law—and know how to navigate challenging situations
  3. Financial accountability and accurate reporting, including collecting HOA assessments, developing budgets, and planning for reserve funding
  4. Timely enforcement of compliance with community guidelines
  5. Clear, concise communication with the board and homeowners

When selecting a management company, it’s essential for HOA boards to partner with a trusted team like Artemis Lifestyles to successfully manage the community while improving the homeowner experience.